Reviews & selected essays


Irish Arts Review, Autumn 2014

A Pilgrim’s Traces: Catherine Marshall assesses the unwavering artistic journey of Maria Simonds-Gooding in advance of her retrospective in Dublin. View/Download the PDF

Sunday Times, Culture 2014

Cristín Leach Hughes writes "Plaster chief shows her true metal".  View/Download the PDF

Irish Arts Review, Winter 2010

Ómos do Máire Mhaith: Catherine Marshall traces the artistic odyssey of the inimitable Maria Simonds-Gooding. View/Download the PDF

Irish Arts Review, Autumn 2006

The Art of Reduction: Catherine Marshall looks at the evolving artistic expression of Maria Simonds-Gooding and her recent experimentation with tapestry design. View/Download the PDF

Arts Review, 1986

Philip Vann write for Arts Review 1986: View/Download the PDF

Irish Arts Review, Autumn 1985

Hilary Pyle writes for Irish Arts Review 1985: View/Download the PDF

Magill, 1985

Aidan Dunne writes for Magill 1985: View/Download the PDF

Artforum,  1982

Donald B. Kuspit writes for Artforum 1982: View/Download the PDF

New York Times, 1982

Grace Glueck writes for New York Times 1982: View/Download the PDF

Arts Magazine, 1978

Noel Frackman writes for Arts Magazine 1978: View/Download the PDF


John Yau, 2014

From the RHA Retrospective catalogue 2014, "Humanity’s Fragile Alliance with the Landscape".  View/Download the PDF

Colm Tóibín,  2014

Colm Tóibín in conversation with Maria Simonds-Gooding. View/Download the PDF

Catherine Marshall, 2004

From the Taylor Galleries Catalogue 2004, "Carry me to the Cornfield: The Landscape Art of Maria Simonds-Gooding". View/Download the PDF

Aidan Dunne, 2003

Trasnú 2003. View/Download the PDF